History in the Making…

History in the Making
Grace Secondary school in the Nuba mountains due to reopen on 15th April 2019.

History in the Making
Grace Secondary school in the Nuba mountains due to reopen on 15th April 2019.

Today we received information from Bishop Andudu that all the plans and work on Grace Secondary school are coming together, and the school will reopen with 40 children next week on the 15th April.

Richard from the charity keytothefuture.org was out for a walk this evening when he was literally stopped in his tracks by a Skype call from Bishop Andudu.  He is humbled and delighted by the fast progress of Grace Secondary school, and is desperate to share the news.

The school will reopen its doors officially on the 15th April, and initially welcome 40 pupils from the local area in the Nuba mountains.

There are now 4 tukul within the compound, ready for the teaching staff to live in.  The latrines have just been completed too, and all building work is being done with local building materials, and being built by people in the community.  The teachers have been recruited and are ready to reopen the school to pupils who have been without secondary school education for many years. There are a few books and learning resources that have already been gathered but more are needed, especially as new pupils join the school.

After the visit in January 2019, Richard & Bishop Andudu had various meetings with government officials to get things underway for Grace Secondary school.  These meetings opened up support for the project in Sudan, that are now really bearing fruit.

The commissioner has given 20 beds to the school and the pupils who will live there on a residential basis.  The Military have also given enough basic food for the school (such as Sorghum grain) for the next 2 months, allowing the project to spend some money on resources for the students.

There are plans in place for a new bore hole to be drilled near the school, for the benefit of everyone on the site, as well as the local community.  The next recruitment is for a second donkey to help the existing donkey transport clean water to the school to keep the children hydrated during lessons.

Excitingly there are also plans for a medical clinic to be built in the school compound.  This would provide necessary medical support for any students, staff and local people. It would be the only clinic for many miles, and so it is something that will benefit so many people.

Richard is always moved by conversations with Bishop Andudu, and tonight’s chat was no exception.  Richard says “I can hear the happiness in Bishop Andudu’s voice. I know he’s so proud that he can do something that supports the people and place that he grew up in.”  Bishop Andudu mentions that the people in the Nuba mountains are so happy about the school reopening.

As the school reopens we are planning to get photos and videos of the school and the pupils who attend Grace Secondary school, and we will update here as soon as we get them.

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