The Bombing

Grace Secondary school was full of students when it was bombed by the government.  Fortunately there were no casualties at the school during this attack.  The children fled to the surrounding area, and most went to Yida Refugee Camp to seek sanctuary. 

After the initial attack, the Northern government took over the school buildings and used them as a military base.  Trenches were dug around the school’s perimeter for soldiers to hide in, to attack the SPLA (Sudanese People’s Liberation Army.). This site gave the Government a tactical advantage.  The trenches are still littered with ammunitions and debris from the occupation and bombing. 

Once the government had finished with using the school as a battle ground they decided it was redundant.  The same earth movers used to dig the trenches were then put to work to destroy the school buildings.  The school was razed to the ground to ensure a clear line of sight across the bush. The government seems to want to destroy anything it doesn’t control, and it’s put an end to secondary school education in the Nuba Mountains.